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Waterfront property in Clearwater bay

Private Pool House in Clearwater Bay
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Waterfront House

A rare real estate investment

A rare real estate investment at Little Palm Beach, Clearwater Bay, has come on the market handled by Marco Ma’s Eastmount Property Agency Ltd. Priced at $168 million, the property has been pristinely renovated and landscaped by a fastidious owner.

  The house has a beautiful location on the beach at a promontory at the bottom of Hang Hau Wing Lung Road, which runs down the hill from Clearwater Bay Road. The view is of the waters of Port Shelter and the beach is directly accessed from the property by a secured gate.

Private swimming pool
Private swimming pool

How many properties are there like this one ?

“How many properties are there in all of Hong Kong like this one?” Marco asked rhetorically. “This is the most special waterfront property in Clearwater Bay I have ever had on my books.” Marco has been operating his own real estate agency for more than 20 years. “It is so special it is like a collector’s item.” The property’s value is bound to rise over time, he said.

Living Room
Living Room

The property has two houses

In fact the waterfront property has two houses. A main building of 3235 sq ft GFA over three floors and a guest house of 1608 sq ft GFA also of three floors. The landscaped gardens total 9136 sq ft with a swimming pool as centrepiece. There are only three houses widely separated on the promontory with a small yacht club operated by the Hong Kong Sailing Training Association.

There are two beaches, a sandy one that the property overlooks, and a rocky one on the other side of the promontory. The beaches are quiet except for the occasional swimmer, fisherman or dog walker.


Beautiful Sunset view from terrace
Beautiful Sunset view from terrace

Why the landlord want to sell this waterfront property ?

Why is the owner of the property since 1998 selling? Because his children have grown up and moved overseas and he no longer needs such a large house, Marco said. “The fact that the owner of this valuable house appointed us as agent to sell this prestigious lot proves Eastmount is a high reputation and trustworthy company.”

Property Entrance
Property Entrance

Marco’s agency is located at an upper floor in the same compound as The Picture House on Yi Chun St, Sai Kung.

You can reach him or his staff at mobile 9667 7186, office 2791 0498 or email [email protected]. The agency’s website is at www.eastmount.com.hk

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