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10 Best in Sai Kung

best activities in Sai Kung

Best restaurant

Two of Sai Kung’s seafood restaurants have Michelin stars

Loaf On has held a star since the first Hong Kong guide was published in 2010.

This restaurant stands out because of its cooking. Wonderfully fresh seafood is prepared using traditional home recipes that let the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves. Must-try dishes include fish soup, mantis shrimp with chilli and garlic and their steamed fish with sea salt. Traditional Cantonese dishes are also done well, like deep-fried tofu.

Tel : 27929966

Sing Kee was also awarded a Michelin  last year,

What is special about this restaurant is the abalone menu.The abalone are prepared in various ways, from deep-fried to steamed; try the stewed abalone in oyster sauce.

Tel : 27919987

Best school

The Hong Kong Academy is a lead international school which offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes for students from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Nord Anglia International Pre-School, Offers a personalised approach to learning, with a vision that every child should aim to excel and be ambitious, as there is no limit to what a child can achieve.

Best sailing facilities

The Hebe Haven Yacht Club, established in 1963, has been providing yachting and boating facilities as a private members club in the picturesque bay of Pak Sha Wan in Sai Kung for over 50 years. The surrounding coastline and nearby islands in Port Shelter provide some of the best sailing waters and beaches in Hong Kong.

Best Real Estate Agency

Eastmount Property Agency Limited has the best reputation and the best reviews. With more than 20 years experience in the Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay areas, this agency has an extensive knowledge of the market, a very good understanding of the needs of its customers and will do its best to fulfill their demand.

Best Sport club

The Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy provides a new benchmark in aspirational training facilities for sports lovers near and far. The HKGTA not only offers tailored programmes but also provides beutifully crafted ancillary facilities in support of sports wellness

Best Hiking place

The Sai Kung West Country Park. A 30 square kilometres (12 sq mi) country park on the Sai Kung Peninsula, with lots of unexploited wilderness, a variety of butterflies, aquatic life. Yet close to urban area enough to be reached quickly. Opened in 1978 the park’s sights include: Wong Chuk Wan, Tai Mong Tsai, Hoi Ha Marine Park.

Best Boat/Land trip

The Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, was inaugurated on 3 November 2009. It is a single entity of land area over 150 km² across parts of the eastern and northeastern New Territories. There are 9 land tour routes and 2 boat tour routes that were developed to enhance recreational and educational values of the geopark tourism activity. The routes are planned and designed according to characteristic and the geological situation of various scenic sites.

Best massage

[email protected] Kung . A reliable quality and service in clean and efficient surroundings.

Each massage is tailored to the customer’s needs to help the body relax and restore in each and every session, ultimately to find a revitalised and deeper sense of well being.

Best coffee shop

Little Cove. A really popular cafe for expats and foreigners, which recently opened their new location in Sai Kung, a bigger place by the seafront, all done in light colors and a big outside terrace. They serve one of the best coffees in town in a very relaxing environment.

The staff is young and vey friendly.

Best location to live

From detached villas with spacious rooms a few minutes drive to Sai Kung town, like Jade Villa, to modern apartments only a very short walk from town, with all the facilities, including large pools, like The Mediterranean or The Park Mediterranean residences, to some more affordable village houses with their charm and authenticity, like the ones in Sha Kok Mei or Po Lo Che.

There are many spots around Sai Kung town, with their pros and cons, that can match different demands for different customers.

Feel free to enquire in a Real Estate Agency for more details, like Eastmount Property Agency Ltd.

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Thinking about renting, buying, selling in Sai Kung or Clear Water Bay. Look no further: Eastmount Property Agency Limited is here to help.


Why Eastmount

With more than twenty years experience in the Real Estate business covering the whole Sai Kung and ClearWater Bay area , Eastmount Property Agency Limited has aquired very thorough knowledge and a great experience of the area.

Whether you’re looking for a detached house, a duplex, an apartment with or without garden, a view on the green, the mountains or the sea, whether you’re moving as a couple or as a family looking for 3 + bedrooms, Eastmount Property Agency Limited will do its best to find the property that matches your needs.

Its database is very regularly updated to keep you up to date on the latest offers on the market.


Why Sai Kung

First: a few words about Sai Kung and its surroundings.


The Sai Kung peninsula is known for its fishing villages, picturesque boats, beaches, hiking paths,

mountain sceneries, country parks, and other natural attractions.

One of the most popular destinations is Sai Kung town, which offers plenty to explore within the town,

from walks along the pier, to restaurants, and quaint cafes.

On the waterfront a busy floating seafood market supplies the waterfront eateries,

and with the fresh seafood being so plentiful, Sai Kung offers many dining options, not to mention the wine bars,

along the seaside promenade.


Island in Sai Kung

Sharp Island, with two beautiful beaches and a hiking trail is only a short ferry ride from Sai Kung Pier,

and probably one of the easiest islands to access.

Hiring a public junk boat or getting a private one with friends is also one of the best ways to explore

Sai Kung’s beaches,(from Tai Long Wan, Ham Tin, to Long Ke Wan, which all are located within the vast Sai Kung Country Park),

and admire the beauty of the UNESCO Global Geopark that would be difficult or impossible to access on foot.


Property Development

Sai Kung, consisting mainly of village houses is a low-density neighborhood

where you can enjoy relatively more living space and an abundance of fresh air

compared to high-rise neighborhoods. With plenty of open space and a good size of expat population,

Sai Kung, in some way, resembles the landscape of overseas suburbs with a laid-back and relaxing attitude.


Children in Sai Kung

If you have children, there are international schools in the district, including Clearwater Bay School,

ESF Abacus International Kindergarten, The Nord Anglia International Pre-School,

The Sai Kung Montessori Kindergarten school, and the Hong Kong Academy,

offering programmes of pre-kindergarten, primary years and middle years.


For younger ones, the town center has many playgrounds, all very safe for children,

and Sai Kung also offers the Lions Nature Education Centre which has five exhibition halls plus heaps

of flora and fauna to entertain the kids.

There’s an arboretum, a medicinal plants garden, an insectarium, a mineral and rocks corner and a shell house.

There’s also a dragonfly pond and a lotus pond.


With all of the above and much more making it the “back garden of Hong Kong”, if you feel like moving,

renting, buying in Sai Kung or the Sai Kung area, please do contact Eastmount Property Agency Limited

and we’ll do our best to find the accommodation that suits your budget and your needs.


Eastmount Property Agency Limited