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Thinking move to Sai Kung | Clear Water Bay

move to Sai Kung

Thinking move to Sai Kung ?

Are you thinking move to Sai Kung ? Hong Kong Backgarden is one of the best location for living , and near the nature environment,  avoid the urban and stress , and now we will explore more about this beautiful hidden gem .

Why Eastmount ?

With more than twenty years experience in the Real Estate business covering the whole Sai Kung and ClearWater Bay area , Eastmount Property Agency Limited has aquired very thorough knowledge and a great experience of the area.

Whether you’re looking for a detached house, a duplex, an apartment with or without garden, a view on the green, the mountains or the sea, whether you’re moving as a couple or as a family looking for 3 + bedrooms, Eastmount Property Agency Limited will do its best to find the property that matches your needs.

Its database is very regularly updated to keep you up to date on the latest offers on the market.


Why Sai Kung

First: a few words about Sai Kung and its surroundings.


The Sai Kung peninsula is known for its fishing villages, picturesque boats, beaches, hiking paths,

mountain sceneries, country parks, and other natural attractions.

One of the most popular destinations is Sai Kung town, which offers plenty to explore within the town,

from walks along the pier, to restaurants, and quaint cafes.

On the waterfront a busy floating seafood market supplies the waterfront eateries,

and with the fresh seafood being so plentiful, Sai Kung offers many dining options, not to mention the wine bars,

along the seaside promenade.


Island in Sai Kung

Sharp Island, with two beautiful beaches and a hiking trail is only a short ferry ride from Sai Kung Pier,

and probably one of the easiest islands to access.

Hiring a public junk boat or getting a private one with friends is also one of the best ways to explore

Sai Kung’s beaches,(from Tai Long Wan, Ham Tin, to Long Ke Wan, which all are located within the vast Sai Kung Country Park),

and admire the beauty of the UNESCO Global Geopark that would be difficult or impossible to access on foot.


Property Development

Sai Kung, consisting mainly of village houses is a low-density neighborhood

where you can enjoy relatively more living space and an abundance of fresh air

compared to high-rise neighborhoods. With plenty of open space and a good size of expat population,

Sai Kung, in some way, resembles the landscape of overseas suburbs with a laid-back and relaxing attitude.


Children in Sai Kung

If you have children, there are international schools in the district, including Clearwater Bay School,

ESF Abacus International Kindergarten, The Nord Anglia International Pre-School,

The Sai Kung Montessori Kindergarten school, and the Hong Kong Academy,

offering programmes of pre-kindergarten, primary years and middle years.


For younger ones, the town center has many playgrounds, all very safe for children,

and Sai Kung also offers the Lions Nature Education Centre which has five exhibition halls plus heaps

of flora and fauna to entertain the kids.

There’s an arboretum, a medicinal plants garden, an insectarium, a mineral and rocks corner and a shell house.

There’s also a dragonfly pond and a lotus pond.


With all of the above and much more making it the “back garden of Hong Kong”, if you feel like moving,

renting, buying in Sai Kung or the Sai Kung area, please do contact Eastmount Property Agency Limited

and we’ll do our best to find the accommodation that suits your budget and your needs.


Eastmount Property Agency Limited 

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