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Sai Kung Dream House-Discover your dream house in Hong Kong

Sai Kung Tai Long Wan

Discover your dream house in the breathtaking surroundings of Sai Kung and be part of nature…

Everyone in Hong Kong are dreaming to own a property, How can they archive to buy a dream house in Sai Kung area  ?

The biggest political turmoil ensuing in Hong Kong, where Extradition Bill created uncertainty around Hong Kong’s long term political and legal freedoms, is hampering Country’s financial independence, the business and investment environment, bringing about a spiral down effect to the real estate market.

According to one senior government official, the worlds’ most exorbitant housing market is not looking too promising. Hong Kong has recurrently been classified as the most expensive place to own a property. According to statistics published, in 2018 the Asian financial hub had an average living space of approximately 13 square meters per person. 

Economic slowdown or recession?

Evert since the protests took place, the Country’s economy has nosedived. Hong Kong’s economy lost at least HK$2.8 billion (US$356 million) during the “Golden Week”. Its economy shrank 3.2% in the July-to-September period compared with the prior quarter.

It means the economy has contracted for two quarters in a row, which is the usual definition of a recession.

A recent forecast published by the government predicts Hong Kong’s economy will contract by 1.3% in 2019, marking the first year of recession since the global financial crisis a decade ago.

Before the protests kicked off, Hong Kong’s government had predicted GDP growth this year of between 2% and 3%. In August, the administration downgraded its forecast, predicting annual growth between 0% and 1%.

Sai Kung, Heaven on Earth

Tai Long Wan
Tai Long Wan

However, despite all deliberated factors, not all is gloomy for Hong Kong’s real estate market. Let’s discover a dream location and houses for you, Blessed with a beautiful coastline and greenery, Sai Kung is a breath of fresh air for families who prefer to live in a place with picturesque shops and restaurants. It is one of the busiest and most happening areas in Hong Kong over any given weekend. The town offers hiking opportunities, beaches, country park, and other natural attractions and is known for providing a perfect opportunity to escape from everything.

It is said that there is so much to discover and explore there, that one keeps coming back every weekend and still there is something different and exciting to do. Sai Kung’s popularity has not only attracted crowds but has also pulled property developers to the area, and there are numerous projects that have been launched.

  Some of the wonders of Sai Kung area for its potential residents

  • Sai Kung is one of the natural wonders of the Country and hosts a wealth of outdoor activities for adventure seekers. Home to one of the most stunning coastlines and lavish greenery, Sai Kung has countless hiking trails and divine beaches. Places of interest for the beach goers include Tai Long Wan beach and the areas in and around Clear Water Bay.

  • shopping and weekend activities in comparison with Lantau which is another popular area. These hold great importance for a newly moved couple or a young family. Supermarkets, drugstores and other daily amenities are all within walking distance providing a wealth of options for new movers.
  • Sai Kung town is a joy for seafood lovers as it is located by the sea and was a former fishing village. The spot offers seafood along with a waterfront view with various sea delicacies for its residents and tourists. The area also offers Asian and Western-style pubs and restaurants suited for the appetite of large expat community in the neighborhood . 
    • Over the last few years, Sai Kung has seen an increasing number of expats moving in the area and buy or rent Sai Kung House, because of more international  school established in Sai Kung and Clearwater bay area and gives them more choice for their children, On the other hand, living closer to the coastline with breathtaking views of the sea in a relaxing environment. The area has seen wealth of residential developments such as The Mediterranean and Park Mediterranean, Mount Pavilia , built and managed by the Sino Group and New World .  
  • Mount Pavilia
    Mount Pavilia
  • The Biggest Development in Sai Sha Road will build over 9000 units and now is under construction, built and managed by Sun Hung Kai.
  • The above new development is that the Sai Kung dream home for you ?

Marco Ma from Eastmount Property Agency Limited reminisced old days when pilots and aircraft engineers first settled in Sai Kung, as it was relatively close to the old Kai Tak airport. Over the years, the expat community of Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay has grown and developed, making it a preferred residential location for new expats and nature lovers, until now, ‘This Sai Kung dream’ is make more people moving to Sai Kung.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Hong Kong property market move. It fluctuates on the back of performance of internal economy, state of global economy and political stability in the city.

Due to the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong, there have been some adjustments in the real estate prices, although not as significant as one would have thought. To give an idea, residential units smaller than 100-meter square have, on average, fallen 4% since the protests began (Sept vs May 2019), while luxury units larger than 100-meter square have fallen 3% over the same period.

  Not all is lost as real estate confidence seems to be restored after Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, introduced a series of housing policies recently to address some housing concerns. This resultantly would prove to be a major boost to Sai Kung, But those of the supply is mainly for low-rise  apartments with management and security, provide facilities, club house. But Village House and Villa House is very limit and fewer supply, if you are searching for a Village House and Villa that I think is good timing now, according the lands department record, apartments price is even higher than some Villa House. Some Village House and Villa House with very large garden and location is super nice , high privacy, detached house is even worth higher value, Thats why Sai Kung is a totally different property market compare to the city, because different houses location, view, garden size, privacy, renovation will have different variation. if you can find a experienced agent to assist you for ‘house hunting’, it will be more efficient and according your requirements to filter the location and discover some hidden dream house in Sai Kung.

“Every Hong Kong citizen and his family will no longer have to be troubled by or pre-occupied with the housing problem,” Lam said during her annual policy speech on Wednesday. Instead, she said, “they will be able to have their own home in Hong Kong — a city in which we all have a share.”

This is a good omen for Sai Kung as it will give a major uplift to real estate buyers and developers to rent and purchase properties while they are in demand.

The overall increase in number of new properties each year is a true reflection of the growing real estate market. It is logical to think that supply follows demand and demand is continuing to escalate. Population growth is ever increasing resulting in increase in housing demand year over year. Sai Kung area properties and house is still remains a popular choice for many!

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