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Marco Ma, star residential property agency boss, wins deals satisfying for both sides

If you are aiming to sell or buy a high-end residence in Sai Kung or Clearwater Bay the agent to contact is Marco Ma. Marco is owner-director of Eastmount Property Agency Ltd located on an upper floor in the same compound as The Picture House on Yi Chun St. He is a personable character with a way of charming clients and winning good deals, while leading a staff of eight.

The secret to success in residential property is deep knowledge of the local geography and people, Marco says. He has lived in Sai Kung since he was a teenager and has been running Eastmount for 20 years. “We focus on high-end residences. If you want a beautiful house with a big garden come to see us.”

The Eastmount boss cited examples of property deals his agency negotiated recently that were good value for both sides:

SOLD for $20.8 million residence at Green Field Villa, Chuk Yung Road

green 3

• Green Field Villas: A Sai Kung man planning to move to Australia put a house in Greenfield Villa on the market. It is a 2100 sq. ft. residence with a 6000 sq. ft. in-deed garden and a private gate into a walled compound. Marco listened to the seller’s desires then matched him with a buyer seeking a home for future retirement. A sale went through at $31.8 million. “This was a win-win for both sides. The place has been rented out for $100,000 a month.”

Fung Sau Road
SOLD for $45 million this property at Fung Sau Road

• Tai Mong Tsai: A rare villa house at Fung Sau Road with a 180-degree sea view was bought by an Eastmount client recently for $45 million. It has a usable area of 3000 sq. ft. and has been renovated in a modern style. Gardens are laid out at the front and back. Marco’s client is now living in this “beautiful large unusual property”. The owner sold because he was planning to move back to Australia.

Marco likes to focus on up-market residential sales. “We ask clients a lot of questions, drawing out their preferences and desires. We search selected properties and find ones that meet the client’s criteria. Then we take him or her on a district tour in our Tesla.”

More examples of some of the finest deals Eastmount has accomplished recently:

Property valued at $86 million for sale at Silverstrand

• Silverstrand: The owner of a single house with a sea view and extensive garden sold at $135 million. Marco said it was a satisfying deal for both buyer and seller.

Sheung Sze wan
SOLD for $60 million this residence at Sheung Sze Wan

• Sheung Sze Wan: The client is a collector of racing cars, so Marco’s team had to find a property with a very large parking garage. They found one near Sheung Sze Wan with parking for 10 cars. The 25-year owner wanted to sell for retirement planning reasons. “The house is right on the water with a lovely view. We negotiated a sale at $60 million. Now both sides are happy and our buyer who has moved in with his racing cars.”

Marco said, “Clients sell for many reasons. Some because of retirement, some because their children have moved out and they don’t need such a large property. We listen to our clients and do our best to serve them with heart. Because of our 20 years of experience we know how to make customers happy in each transaction.”

wong keng tei
The indicative price for this property at Wong Keng Bay is $100 million. It may be rented for $100,000 a month

Eastmount’s eight agents on staff also do leasing deals, in the same way, carefully listening to clients’ wishes then locating properties that satisfy their desires. Eastmount operates at the higher-end of the market. “It used to be common for clients to be willing to rent at $70,000 to $80,000 month. Now we notice on average their price range has come down to $60,000 to $65,000.” Marco said this will get you a villa house in the up-market areas of Hebe Haven, Chuk Yung Road, Yan Yee Road or Clearwater Bay’s Wing Lung Road.

o poi
House at Clear Water Bay’s O Pui Village for sale at $27 million or rent at $70,000 a month
seung sze waun
Seung Sze Wan water front house leased $130K

You can contact Marco and his staff on mobile 9667 7186, office 2791 0498, email [email protected] See the properties Eastmount has on offer currently at www.eastmount.com.hk

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