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How can you avoid Coronavirus in Hong Kong ?

coronavirus Sai Kung

1. Wash your hands .

Washing your hands frequently with soap and water – or a hand sanitizer gel as an alternative – will remove coronavirus and bacteria from your hands, especially wash your hands before eating , drinking or touching your face & eyes

2. Dont go to the office and dont send your children to school .

Many corporate global companies have instructed their employees to work from home.

And the Hong Kong education Bureau has extended the schools shut down until Mid-March .

3.Don’t cough or sneeze in your hands.

If you have a virus and you sneeze or cough into your hands, the droplets in your sneeze or cough may contaminate your hands, which eventually may contaminate objects or people you may touch.

4.Ideally try to live either in the country side , in a low rise residential building or in an independent house .

Although Hong Kong is a densely populated city, you can still find in Sai Kung some low density locations and avoid populated areas, which could definitely help reduce the chances of getting infected by the virus.

5.Avoid using public transport if you can use your private car .

Many people use the public transports every day in Hongkong . Someone infected by the virus who sneezes, or who simply touches some areas in the train or bus, will surely pollute that area with this virus that can survive up to 3 days if the area isnt totally clean. Therefore people should stay away from public transport if they have a private car, this will help reduce the chances of infection.

6.You may consider choosing a property in or around Sai Kung with a  good ventilation.

Whether youre thinking of buying or renting a property in the Sai Kung area , consider a property with a good ventilation, which should have front and back windows, to make sure the air flows freely in and out .

Only one infected person coughing or sneezing too close to you may contaminate the others.

Infections dont spread well in a good air flow area.

With most properties well ventilated, Sai Kung is actually a good spot for living. Some properties are near the seaside, the waterfront , or on the hillside , with natural environment, which then encourages outdoors activities, like hiking for example.

Actually Sai kung is one of the best locations for hiking lovers, who can also relaxe while enjoying the natural environment.

7.Keep your distance

Try to avoid close contact with people who dont seem quite healthy. The Hong Kong government has closed all public indoor playgrounds , Stadiums , Tennis Courts, Football pitches, to avoid activities in group of people .

The WHO advises us to keep at least one metre (three feet) distance  between ourselves and other people, particularly those who are coughing, sneezing and who have fever.

As Sai Kung is a low density area, with usually a good distance with your next door neighbor, Sai Kung may simply be a better living place altogether.

More people should be aware of that.


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