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Top 12 Cafés Shop in Sai Kung

Sai Kung Cafe

Cafes’ in Sai Kung

We already know that Sai Kung town has many things to offer in terms of food and drinks.

And one of the reasons why Sai Kung is such a popular destination for an escape from the city is also its numerous coffee shops or “cafés”.

Cafes’ trend in China

Unlike a decade ago, the new trend in China for coffee consumption has been growing fast, which has turned the traditionally tea-drinking country into a huge market for coffee.

The same trend applies in HongKong: Coffee has never been so popular here, and all coffee lovers have literally transformed Hong Kong’s café scene in the past years.

The number of coffee shops in the city has rapidly expanded in the last five years with the introduction of international coffee chains.

The first Coffee Academics in Hong Kong

As an example, in 2012 was launched The Coffee Academics, one of the first specialty coffee companies in Hong Kong, which has now become one of Hong Kong’s biggest coffee chains.

Not to mention Hong Kong baristas who have also made their way to the world stage in recent years,.

Many small but inviting coffee shops in  Sai Kung

Sai Kung town, with many specialty coffee shops that now operate across the small, yet very inviting, town centre, is undoubtedly part of it!

Considering the lifestyle that has become somewhat more westernised, starting the day with a cup of aromatic coffee, or enjoying a simple espresso or cappuccino at one of the numerous coffee shops in Sai Kung has become a trend.


Any newcomer in Sai Kung who is also a coffee lover should try some of those and will definitely be hooked to at least one.

Each one has its own signature, but to name a few:


– On the main square in Sai Kung


⁃     Cena (9 Sha Tsui Path, Sai Kung)


– On Hoi Pong Square

⁃     Little Cove (Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square, No. 1, Shop 1-2, Gd Flr, Block 1300)


– On See Cheung street (the almost pedestrian street, which gives to Sai Kung its so relaxing bohemian vibe)

⁃     Shiba Taro café (11 See Cheung St)


⁃     Blacksmith (17 See Cheung St)


⁃     My sunshine house (45 See Cheung St)


⁃     Taps café (38 See Cheung St)


⁃     Nowhere Man (36 See Cheung St)


⁃     Bem Bom  (48 See Cheung St)


On Hoi Pong street.

⁃     Café Alley (3 Hoi Pong street)


A small café, a litle bit hidden but one of the best coffees in town.


⁃     Moni stand (1/F., 5 Tak Lung Back St).

Very hidden, an interesting spot with a collection of records, and an excellent coffee.


⁃     Bei coffee (3 Sai Kung Tai street). A Japanese coffee shop.


⁃     Crazy Cow café & The Farmhouse (G2, 1A Chui Tong road)


For the most classic or budget friendly ones you’ll also find Starbucks and McCafé.

Come to Sai Kung and have a coffee!!!

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