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Bastien Liveriou-Nathan is becoming one of the most outstanding Boy in Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy

Bastien Liveriou base in Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy

Bastien Liveriou -Nathan is becoming one of the most outstanding boy in Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy

My name is Bastien Liveriou. I am running the first and only International Tennis Academy in Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy.

Success is nothing new for Bruguera Tennis Academy, considering our track record of achievements with our emblem hub in Barcelona. But now we have a different goal set for the future: make history in Asia.

Why did we set our academy in Sai Kung and nowhere else?

Setting in Sai Kung’s stunning and mesmerizing natural countryside has its unique reasons.

Some of you may think that Sai Kung is a place very far from home, it may seem inconvenient. But we can promise you that tennis lovers will not be disappointed in Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, which is also a new benchmark in training facility. What is more surprising is that  professional players stay on-site in the Academy campus regularly , where pools, restaurants and leisure pursuits create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for everyone to feel like home. Our five-star room accommodations include 24/7 supervision from our staff, laundry, airports transport, petty cash management and extracurricular activities which must throw you for a loop. We have ensured to cover different aspects within our facilities to forge the ‘perfect ecosystem’ that will guarantee a trustworthy passage for talented athletes towards the ultimate success.

Instead of always sticking to traditional beliefs, we tried to think out of the box. After 3 years of hard work in Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, we have achieved our expectation. However, our methodology forces us to move even further and better.  That is why we have created the After School Pro Team program. The ultimate goal is to develop the first top 100 ATP/WTA player born, raised and trained in the continent.

With the goals set for my Academy to be extremely high, I have decided to hire the best coaches in the world. A revered team of coaches train our players with extensive professional experience, capable of moulding raw talent into a highly skilled tennis player. Not only our athletes are being instructed by top international coaches, but they are also trained and developed by a high-performance fitness team that will take their bodies to a whole new level.


Nathan is one of the most outstanding boy in HKGTA

Ma Tsun hang, Nathan was nothing but an ordinary child when I first met him through a qualification trail in 2017. He conjured me up the most essential trait of being a successful tennis player, and let me put a spotlight on his gifted talent when he first held a random tennis racket, with his accurate hit towards the tennis ball. Although he didn’t master the basic techniques, his speed, footwork, hitting formation and physical strength dazzled me. I will never forget the keen determination I saw from his little eyes. Rarely does a kid nowadays have such talent and spirit in tennis, we had a strong feeling that Nathan would be the cream of the crop under our guidance.

Bastien , Nathan, Marco in HKGTA
Bastien,Marco,Nathan in HKGTA

Bruguera Tennis Family

In the light of Nathan’s potential, I gave him a chance to join our big family. I believe family value and support is one of the key element to nurture a successful tennis player. His parents, Marco and Angel hold precious values: humble and hard-working throughout his growth. They demonstrate merel precepts to Nathan as a live example. Marco is a martial art expert, a pure entrepreneur who has worked hard to build a successful real estate business for more than 20 years while living in Sai Kung. Marco and Angel gave us their absolute trust from the beginning to take Nathan and Nicholas (his older brother) under our wings. What is even better, is that Marco and Angel also joined our program to understand more about our system and method, which helped us to improve and connect with Nathan’s skills.

At first, Nathan struggled a lot to embrace the new Academy’s culture/spirit. Granted it was difficult for him to understand foreign language (Spanish) , concepts and the way to play the game, but no matter how, Nathan never misses a single session. Putting on a smile in the court and keeping vibes in every moment of playing tennis. I particularly loved his energy. He kept bearing in mind that one day he could rise significantly in the globe.


 Trips to Spain for intensive Tennis training

Last year, Nathan joined on back-to-back trips to Spain where something special clicked in his mindset, his inceasing understanding of how to play smarter in the game. He became more precise, showed more fighting spirit, practiced with better efficiency and progressively applied the proper strategies on the court. Thanks to the HKGTA, Nathan is becoming the most outstanding 12-year-old boy in the group. Not only does he show his talent, but he also aims at being one of the best players on a tennis field.

Nathan Ma
Nathan Ma-Tennis Players in HKGTA

What’s Nathan goal?

After one year of disciplined and intensive training, Nathan has been invited to join our unique After School Pro Team program. The goal of that program is to produce the first top 100 ATP born who are raised in a tennis Academy in Asia. Many obstacles and hard training are waiting for him. Nevertheless, we have 100 percent faith in Nathan. He will participate in international competitions, traveling overseas, taking part in the overall 25 weeks of tournaments a year. He is now on the verge of becoming one of our most dedicated players, and we hope that he will eventually join our Pro Team, our ultimate professional-level program.

We are proud of our Academy, we are proud of Nathan, but we want more. Stay hungry, stay foolish. We will work harder to help him achieve his target and show the world that Asia is capable of having international world-class tennis players.


Sincerely yours,

Bastien Liveriou

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