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10 Tips to find a reliable agent in Sai Kung

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Find a Reliable Agent in Sai Kung

Buying or selling a real estate property is an exciting experience for everyone especially the ones living in Sai Kung. Since Sai Kung is a unique area in Hong Kong with forest, fishing villages, and nature covering half of the area which makes the prospect of buying/selling real estate property a thrilling experience. The whole process can be enhanced by a reliable real estate agent who is aware of the market. 

How to find a reliable agent in Sai Kung
How to find a reliable agent in Sai Kung

Here are the top 10 tips that’ll help you find a reliable agent in Sai Kung.

Find someone with the best negotiation ability to get you the best price

When looking for real estate agents find someone who is knowledgeable about the location, is aware of the current market, and has the needed negotiation skills to get you the best possible deal. 


Excellent communication skills

Having smooth communication skills is essential to any industry including real estate. That is why it is important that you hire someone with excellent communication skills. You can rely on them especially if you are new to Sai Kung and you speak a foreign tongue like English or Spanish.


Knows what they are doing

Find someone who knows about that location and has thorough geography information. A reliable real estate agent should know what they are doing. There will be a lot of twists and turns along the way of you getting the real estate property of your dreams but having a reliable, high-quality real estate agent will help you get that property quickly.

Seek referrals from others 

Despite the advancements in technology and how it has changed the way people search for homes, the perfect real estate agent should still be a human-to-human choice. Referral from others would be an effective way of getting in touch with a reliable agent.


Find an agent that you can trust

Sometimes, getting to know if someone is reliable can be as simple as talking. However, pay attention to the way they listen to you and behave. Take your time to find someone that respects and trusts their clients.

Look for honest, passion, and conviction

Look at the way the real estate agents work. You should always pay attention to their appearance, their passion for their work, and their conviction and honesty. Because in the end, your real estate agent should be open about what it would take to get the deal done faster. 


Make sure they can close the deal

Be sure that you do your research and look for someone who understands the needs of buyers and sellers, keeps them satisfied, and closes the deal superfast. 

Prefer a local, experienced realtor

Nothing can beat experience in the real estate industry. Your best bet to getting the real estate property of your dreams would be to find a local realtor. They’ll know all about the local area, which is the best real estate in different terrains, the best prices for real estate, and more.


Shortlist a few people before you make the final decision

You can look for the best real estate agents in Sai Kung and add them to your list. Meet each one of them personally and get to know about their work and experience. Also, notice details like how they respond to your emails and calls or in how much time do they get back to you if they’re busy when you call them. 

Ask questions and check how they respond

Hiring a real estate agent means you’re hiring a professional for a big financial transaction. It is important that you get to know how they will treat you and your needs before you pick someone for the job. Try to find out how they propose to carry out the buying/selling of real estate, how experienced they are, how much do they know about the place, and more. If they aren’t able to satisfy you with their answers, there is no reason to keep working with them. 

After read this article and I’m sure you can find a good agent .

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